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Sevilay Asarlı Timurcioğlu

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We will be at HEIMTEXTIL'2025 fair in Frankfurt at 14-17 January.

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Sevilay Asarlı Timurcioğlu

Head of our design team.


Aylin Bekan
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Hüseyin F. Timurcioğlu

The dark side of the MOON.

About Us

We are in textile design sector since 1989. We started our first activities in Damla Desen Textile Design; then, we have served for some renowned companies in Bursa ( Sonmez, Ipeker, Turkkan, etc.) for six years. In 1995, we continued our activities in Caliskan Textile. We created our own designs for Peanuts, France 98, Warner Bros. and the licensed products of our four big soccer clubs which are Galatasaray Sport Club, Besiktas Sport Club, Fenerbahce Sport Club, Trabzon Sport Club there. Meanwhile, we created the collections 1995-98 of Romans trademark, which is Caliskan’s domestic product. We have been also in International fields with many companies’ collections like Neckerman, Karlstad, Kurtbartil, KBC, Adam Kappel. After these activities, we established our own company under the name of STUDYO 2 in order to give better service to the big companies in their fields in 1998.

In 2001, we established Studio Moon Design, which is located at BUTTIM (Bursa Uluslararasi Tekstil Ticaret Merkezi – Bursa International Textile Trade Center). We are moved to our new office in the end of 2023 at the city center of Bursa. We are still continue our activities as Studio Moon Design. Our goal is to reach you in home textile sector, linens, bed covers ,blanket, towels and give the best service. We have two branch offices in Athens and Shanghai. If you need contact to our branch offices you can use the Contact section.


-- We participated Evteks in Istanbul-Turkey since 2000.

-- We participated Heimtextil in Frankfurt-Germany since 2003.

-- We participated Intertextile in Shanghai-China and also won some Textile Design Awards.

-- We participated Bursa Textile Exhibition several times.

-- We participated EVOLUTION AMSTERDAM'2019 and September edition in 2022.


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